• House Churches Around the World

    This video gives you an inside look at house churches around the world.
    They are very different from what the typical American visualizes when he thinks about going to church. There’s no steeple...

  • Francis Chan - Rethinking Church

    Francis explains what he is currently up to and the vision behind our new church planting movement in San Francisco, still in its experimental stages.
    Keep in mind this is just a rough cut and the...

  • NBC News Reports on the House Church Movement

    MSNBC news report on a local house church movement.

  • NBC News Reports on the House Church Movement 2

    MSNBC news report on a local house church movement.

  • Making Disciples

    What would it look like if, as leaders, we focused less on the things that make our churches entertaining and more on making disciples? As shown by Kelly Tshibaka at Foursquare Connection 2011.

  • What is Simple Church?

    This is the Special Feature from the new “When You Come Together” DVD from Karis Publishing & House2House. Used with permission.

  • When You Come Together

    This video explores what simple church is and how it’s done. Film clips and interviews from half a dozen home church meetings are interspersed with explanations by authors and leaders including John White, Jim Rutz,...

  • What is a Simple Church? (Erik Fish)

    People are complex. Groups of people can be even more so. Let’s keep new churches as simple as we can to help more people experience Jesus.

  • What Should I Do at a Simple Church Gathering? (Erik Fish)

    Three things anyone can do to facilitate a simple church gathering with a new group of people learning to follow Jesus together. Seeds are powerful - go...

  • Underground House Church Movement In China - Part 1

    The story of the exponential growth of underground house churches in China.

    Part 2: https://www.youtube...

  • NEO House Church Network | Making disciples · Planting churches
  • The Great Commission - Only For Obedient (Matthew 28)

    ” We Must Go and Preach Gospel to all Nations” 

  • I am Second® - Ken Hutcherson

    One day, during a time of blatant racism and prejudice in America, a young black boy was hit with the reality of who he was and who he had become…literally. “My life changed that day,” says Ken...

  • I am Second® - Christine Petric

    Born in South Korea, adopted at a young age, and growing up in a predominately white suburban environment, Christine Petric was constantly reminded that she was different. The one place where these...

  • I am Second® - Michelle Aguilar

    It was Michelle Aguilar`s smile that made life seem all right. However behind that smile were tears; tears of confusion and pain, born from a broken family. Her comfort was in food. Eating...

  • I am Second® - Priscilla Nicoara

    There was no freedom in her country. There was no peace in her home. Spared being aborted, Priscilla grew up under the oppression of a controlling government and a self-centered mother....

  • I am Second® - Colt McCoy

    “For me, I’m successful because I have Jesus Christ living inside of me,” says Colt McCoy, starting quarterback for the University of Texas.

    College football’s biggest stage provides Colt McCoy with...

  • I am Second® - Jason Castro

    “There’s always something bigger behind whatever you’re doing.” American Idol’s Jason Castro came to a reality of his own that having a relationship with God didn’t mean he had to conform to religious...

  • I am Second® - Whispering Danny

    A popular Kansas City tattoo artist, “Whispering Danny” has an impactful story that he should shout for all to hear. But he can’t. His medical condition requires him to have tumors on his larynx and...

  • I am Second® - Ashley Rawls

    Ashley carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. While they watched a beauty queen win pageant after pageant, she began to lose herself. “I didn’t know how to be normal. I didn’t know how to have a...