Glocal: Serving Locally, Thinking Globally

Local Missions

NEO House Church Network endorses and encourages involvement with these local missions endeavors. In many of these local organizations our members participate or are encouraged to contribute financially:

International Missions

The Great Commission Fund / Alliance Missions

The Alliance is committed to fully support the missionaries it sends to the field. It is expected that every Alliance congregation will attempt to target at least 15% of its’ church income to support Alliance missions through the Great Commission Fund. Every year every Alliance church holds a missions conference with guest Alliance missionaries. This annual conference is designed to keep missions and missionaries a central focus. We invite every NEO House Church Network partner to designate a monthly gift over and above their tithe. When we invest our “treasure” our heart follows.

NEO Global Missions

NEO-HCN making a world impact from Cleveland NEO House Church Network extends its’ reach from your neighborhood to the nations. We do this through two vehicles: Short-term mission opportunities NEO Global Missions recruits and sends short term teams to targeted areas were we can contribute to the larger apostolic efforts of church multiplication. Short-termers must complete training and raise their own funds. We plan a variety of trips annually. These trips are normally open to any committed Christian. Long-term mission objectives NEO Global Missions coordinates our short term trips and the international efforts toward serving and developing church planting movements among unreached peoples. NEO Global Missions seeks to train leaders and place long term workers where there is a need for church planting movements.