Kairos….a Greek word that means “a unique divine appointment in history, a God- crafted and

infused moment”. This is in contrast with chronos which is used of the measured passage of time.


Kairos is used 86 times in the New Testament. It is well represented in Mark 1:15 ““The time is

fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.”

The Eastern churches introduce their liturgy by saying ” Καιρός του ποιήσα τω Κυρίω, Kairos tou

poiesai to Kyrio” indicating it was now the (kairos) time that their worship service was to intersect with



A Kairos moment is when Heaven comes to earth in a unique moment of time, even as an a unique

season in history. A Kairos moment exists to accomplish something that could not be accomplished

apart from that special intersection of heaven and earth. Cities, nations, peoples, churches and

persons all may have kairos moments special to them. It is theirs to embrace or reject. Jesus

lamented “….you did not know the time (kairion) of your visitation” ESV, Luke 19:44b


Cleveland’s Kairos Moment is soon upon us.


This tear in the fabric of the universe will appear in Cleveland when the Republican National

Convention floods the city with 50,000 guests, 20,000 protestors along with news media from across

the planet with all the eyes of the world fixated on the affairs transpiring in Cleveland July 18-21. The

direction of a culture will be shaped on the party floor, in back room deals and on the streets of



“The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching.” is an appropriate refrain borrowed from

Chicago’s 1968 Democratic Convention…we though will not have our Jerry Rubin, YIPPIES, the SDS,

Weather Underground or Mayor Joseph Daley. Unlike 1968 Chicago the church here is called to rally

in prayer, in love and in proclamation. We, the church, will engage Heaven to invade earth.

Who is responding in this kairos moment?


What will you do? What will your congregation do? What will the Church in Cleveland do? As Steve

Backley opines: “There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are people who make

things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask,

what happened?” Which do you want to be? There are first responders for Cleveland. These are

those who are standing in the gap.


        The Response is a national organization dedicated to prayer for our nation and the church is

        orchestrating a massive non-partisan prayer gathering at the Wolstein Center on Saturday, July

        16th, two days prior to the start of the Republican Convention. This free gathering is limited to the

        first 13,000 who register at http://theresponseusa.com/ohio/ You are invited to gather from 10am

        to 4pm for worship and prayer for our nation. We will not pontificate, we will be nameless, we will

        humble ourselves before God. The goal is to appeal to heaven for God to intervene in the affairs

        of men, starting with the church and then our nation. We are asking for God to conform us to the

        character of Jesus.


        Hope Is Here is an ad hoc effort of over 100 churches, ministries, ministers and dedicated

        Christians from Cleveland, throughout Ohio and neighboring states. Together we will have a three

        pronged effort:


       1. 24/7 worship and prayer where immediately following The Response and starting two days

        prior to the RNC worship teams and Christians will lead around-the-clock worship and prayer at

        the large sanctuary of the Family Ministry Center on Fulton Road on Cleveland’s near West

        Side. Will your church participate? Will you embrace regular shifts of prayer?

       2. Evangelism teams will be deployed for servant evangelism to give at water bottles and be

       available for gospel engagement at fixed strategic spots around RNC venues as well as mobile

      teams given to direct evangelism relying on the Holy Spirit for divine appointments. Teams will

      be deployed from the Family Ministry Center.

      3. A Music Outreach will be held at the famous Agora Theatre on 5000 Euclid Avenue….

     where iconic rock acts once frequented. This urban oriented two day event, July 22nd

     and 23rd will be where those evangelized during the week will be invited for follow up

     and local youth will gather for gospel-centered music and evangelism.


A faithful core has dedicated its time, talent and treasure to steward this moment in history. We are

asking God to shift the atmosphere at the Republican National Convention and on the streets of

Cleveland. We are asking God to bring people face to face with the Lordship claims of Jesus and the

the saving power of the Gospel. We are asking God to bring renewal, restoration and revival to the

Church so we might be salt and light to culture. We are asking God to shift our National destiny so we

as a country may give glory to God as a land that has embraced humility, justice and righteousness.


Yes, it’s time to step into this Kairos moment with us.