1. You match the objective criteria of character and skills listed in Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3 and 1 Peter 5.  These are minimums for any ministry involving leading and teaching.

  2. You love the people of God and desire to serve, teach and equip them for service and to know Christ.

  3. The people of God, with in the church affirm your gifting and gather around you for comfort, counsel and instruction.

  4. Other duly constituted church leaders affirm your calling and giftings after observing your character and ministry. 

  5. You willingly make yourself subordinate to other duly constituted leaders and have affirmed their right to guide, correct and speak candidly into your life and ministry. You in a word are teachable. 

  6. You have placed yourself in an accountable structure that if you fail to operate your life or ministry with integrity others have a right to remove you via due process. You understand that to have authority you must be under authority.

  7. Your internal faith, joy and peace deepens as you exercise your ministry.

  8. There is measurable spiritual growth in your ministry sphere as you function in your gift and leadership

  9. There is a growing commitment in your life, especially your private moments to holiness and full surrender to Christ,

  10. There is a consistent and growing love and hunger for the Word of God, you find you grow in your dependency and knowledge the scriptures.

  11. The Spirit of God will often confirm through supernatural means encouragements, provision and affirmation, primarily through the people of God. While this is potentially dramatic and unique but because it is subjective it is secondary to the previous points. 


About The Author 

Joseph Horevay became a Christ follower in 1972 in the Jesus Movement. He soon entered youth ministry, Christian broadcasting and later church planting and pastoral ministry. First ordained in 1982 he has participated in missions work, church planting and leadership development on four continents. Joseph and his lovely wife Renee are co-founders of NEO House Church Network, a network of micro-churches affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance.They actively focus on the emergence of the “Church of the city” as an expression of John 17 and developing a sustainable indigenous missions presence in Nepal. Joseph is the father of four and a grandfather to seven.