1. You do not counsel with duly constituted Church leadership regarding direction and vision. Clearly you have it covered with your cronies.

  2. You think Church leaders are too “religious” to see you for your amazingly wonderful self.

  3.  The local church and its elders are viewed as an obstacle more than a blessing.

  4. Your personal narrative has you as the hero and the corporate church as the dullards with the influence and money.

  5. Your secret sins don’t disqualify you from leadership they only require your positivity and upbeat attitude to help you rise above the obstacles. 


About The Author 

Joseph Horevay became a Christ follower in 1972 in the Jesus Movement. He soon entered youth ministry, Christian broadcasting and later church planting and pastoral ministry. First ordained in 1982 he has participated in missions work, church planting and leadership development on four continents. Joseph and his lovely wife Renee are co-founders of NEO House Church Network, a network of micro-churches affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance.They actively focus on the emergence of the “Church of the city” as an expression of John 17 and developing a sustainable indigenous missions presence in Nepal. Joseph is the father of four and a grandfather to seven.