We have seen the politicization of the church and the rallying around aspects of the culture war. The Left leaning mainline denominations and the Right leaning evangelicals have too often proclaimed social issues and reduced their public image to be little more than partisan affiliations. Often this focus around political and social causes have supplanted the church’s primary mission of preaching the gospel and making disciples. At NEO House Church Network our public focus is Gospel proclamation not political issues. We encourage our members to vote and vigorously participate in the electoral and democratic process. We also encourage Christians to think in terms of becoming inside change agents who learn to serve with excellence inside social institutions. As the church makes disciples, training them in the Word of God it will in time filter down to shape the presuppositions that guide a wise citizenry and produce good government.

We encourage you to pray for all rulers, administrators, corporate heads, thought leaders, social institutions and the military.