The study of “final things” or eschatology relates to those doctrines that pertain the the end of the age, the second coming of Jesus Christ, eternal judgement and the eternal state.

For the last one hundred fifty years the Church has seen controversy, sensationalism and heightened interest regarding details of the Last Days. In fact speculative eschatology occupies a prominent part of the discussion. There appears to be a great deal of time spent imagining the prophetic books of the Bible as harbingers of secrets, codes and imagery of what will soon burst upon the world scene.

It is our view that we should approach speculation regarding End Time predictions with a great deal of humility and not a little caution. We can affirm with bold confidence that we do indeed daily draw closer to the day when Jesus will return with redemption for His people and with judgement upon Satan, evil and rebellion. We would also caution against making fellowship decisions over forms of Dispensationalism, Historic Premillennialism, Amillennialism or Postmillennialism. Only a few forms of eschatology are outside the realm of historic Christian orthodoxy. None of the historic creeds like Nicaea specifically provide details beyond a literal physical second coming. Hyper-preterism which denies a physical second coming in favor of a spiritual coming is one position that does fall outside the boundaries of sound doctrine, there are a few other odd views as well. What we do know is that the Coming of the Lord is that next big covenantal event that shifts our lives from the temporal to the eternal. The historic view is simple: He is coming to judge the living and the dead.

We have an unshakable confidence that the coming of the Lord will be physical, visible, powerful and will subdue all the nations of the earth. We believe the righteous will be resurrected and forever reign with Christ and inhabit a renewed earth. The fate of those in rebellion against God will be eternal separation from the God they despise.

It is our belief that the Gospel will be fully preached throughout the earth prior to the Lord’s return. It is also our confidence that a final, extended spiritual awakening will push forward the Great Commission into every corner of the globe. We are praying that we will be part of that great final outpouring of the Holy Spirit and ingathering of souls and nations before Jesus’ final and glorious appearing.

We await that day when the Spirit moves upon the heart of the church and our final, conclusive refrain will be “Come Lord Jesus, Come!”