Evolutionary theory, including what is sometimes called theistic evolution throws into doubt the veracity of the plain meaning and plain reading of Genesis as well as many other portions of the scripture. If one wants to follow Christ aspects of the doctrine of origins must be wrestled down. While we don’t hold a specific approach to creation as a test of Christian fellowship it is critical as a follower of Christ these must be the outcomes:

1. God is the intentional agent of creation.
2. God, as creator, has moral authority over all of creation.
3. Man was formed in His image.
4. Adam and Eve are not mythical but actual.
5. Satan was the agent in temptation.
6. Adam and Eve’s temptation and sin was real and historical.
7. Adam and Eve and all of creation came under a curse. Sin and separation from God is transmitted to all subsequent persons and generations.
8. Jesus came as the Last Adam to redeem man’s fall and bear the punishment for sin.
9. At the end of the age God will remake the heavens and the earth.
10. The same creative power that formed the universe will remake it at the end of the age.

To tamper with any of these is to forcibly distort vast portions of the Bible and historic Christian teaching.