The Church is a living organism with values, passions and heart-felt beliefs. NEO House Church Network’s leadership offers these position papers to better understand what we believe and practice. Browse these topics listed on the left. Our treatment of any topic is not intended to be exhaustive. This is a mere peek under the hood. In several topics we have copied the Christian & Missionary Alliance’s positions verbatim because the treatment was so well done and because we are covenantally committed to those positions.

You will find our treatment of some topics to be brief only because we want you exposed to our attitude so you can better understand our church culture. This will be noticeable in our treatment of eschatology, predestination vs. free ,will and complementarianism vs. egalitarianism. Chances are our treatment of these issues will not make everyone happy. That’s OK; friends may hold differing perspectives. Where you will see us inflexible and unbending is regarding the Person and the Work of Christ, the nature of God, and core moral standards.


If you have any questions please write us.