Like any church, we draw deeply from our forbearers. What ever we enjoy and believe it is because others have gone before us and paid a price. Our church life and experience is tethered to the ages.

We are theologically within the evangelical and the Reformed faith and affirm the great creeds of the Church. While not every idea, in every creed, defines our understanding of the Scriptures, they do paint a picture of what has shaped us theologically.

The Great Creeds inform us and guide us, but the Bible is the only definitive basis for how to live and what to believe. While no one creed perfectly represents our faith, each plays a part in informing our convictions. Although we are confessional evangelicals we add to our understanding the rich experiential depths of the renewal and revival movements of recent centuries. Ours is an orthodoxy that is fully wed to the fire of the Holy Spirit. We celebrate a faith that engulfs both head and heart.