God has chosen to reveal Himself to man in the form of special revelation. He has spoken to us through His prophets and apostles. Most importantly, He spoke to us through His Son in the incarnation. God became flesh and dwelt among us. Through the centuries, from Moses to John the Revelator, God has guided the inscripturation of His Word and acts by many writers. The Holy Spirit moved upon men who wrote what came to be known as the Bible.

God also moved through the Church in its early centuries, while it was universally united from Britain to India. The Seven Ecumenical Councils of the early Church provided agreement on what writings should be included in the Bible and what is the true apostolic faith. With the Bible and the historic universal positions on orthodoxy, we understand which beliefs constitute a true Christian faith. We do not hold beliefs in a vacuum. We rely on the clear meaning of the Bible, the integrity of the original writings in Hebrew and Greek, and, finally, in a corroborative sense, the great creeds and councils of the ancient Church.

We are passionate about orthodoxy and Biblical truth. We take the study and interpretation of scripture seriously and seek to operate with sound hermeneutical practices for biblical interpretation. Many of our leaders are Bible-school and seminary trained and all truly love the scriptures. We are generally in the Reformed tradition, deeply committed to world missions, and are continuationist regarding the work of the Holy Spirit, the charismatic gifts, and the continuing offices of apostles and prophets.

The Christian & Missionary Alliance makes sure all ordained and licensed leaders are well qualified and tested in regards to life and doctrine. All of NEO-HCN’s supported pastors, as well as several volunteer pastors, have completed the licensing or ordination process.

For more, see The Christian & Missionary Alliance’s Statement of Faith.